2024 Associate Promotions

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May 23, 2024

Kier + Wright proudly announces its 2024 Associate promotions, recognizing the exceptional contributions of three integral team members. Peter Bernard, Kc Keller, and Dan Mitchell have been promoted to the distinguished role of Associate, a significant achievement in their careers at the firm. We are honored to acknowledge this team of leaders and the unique contributions they bring to K+W. With their individual expertise and collective dedication, they are set to help drive K+W's success well into the future. 

Peter Bernard, PE, LEED AP 
Kier + Wright is thrilled to confirm the promotion of Peter Bernard, PE, LEED AP, to Associate, celebrating nearly a decade of his dedication and leadership within the firm. Since joining K+W in 2015 as a Senior Civil Engineer, Bernard has been instrumental in establishing and expanding the Sacramento office, exemplifying his commitment and visionary leadership. 

Reflecting on his time at K+W, Bernard stated, "It has been immensely fulfilling to see and contribute to K+W's expansion, especially in Sacramento. The culture of service, collaboration, and excellence continues to remain central to our ethos." Bernard credits his success to the firm’s culture of mentorship and the opportunities for professional development, which he believes are pivotal for personal and collective achievement. 

In his new role, Bernard is set to lead business development efforts and further develop the Sacramento office. He is also committed to enhancing training opportunities for staff to ensure their professional growth and the firm’s ongoing success. 

Bernard's professional portfolio includes diverse projects like the Workday Headquarters and Costco South San Francisco Business Center, showcasing his ability to deliver tailored, innovative solutions. 

As he steps into his new role, Bernard remains committed to hard work and continuous learning, advising aspiring professionals, "Strive for personal growth, seek new challenges, and stay dedicated to your projects and team." K+W anticipates further innovation and excellence under Bernard's dynamic leadership. 

Kc Keller, PLS 
Kier + Wright is proud to share the promotion of Kc Keller, PLS, to Associate, marking over 11 years of his exceptional service. Keller, who began his journey as a survey intern in 2012, has witnessed and contributed to significant positive changes at K+W. 

Keller's career at K+W has been marked by continuous growth and support from the leadership, which has fostered his development from construction surveying to mapping and boundary education. He noted, "The leaders at K+W have always cared about my family and encouraged me to take the lead, preserving a close and supportive atmosphere even as we grow." 

"What makes K+W special," Keller added, "is our unique work ethic and drive, delivering top-notch services with unmatched speed and efficiency." He is passionate about his work and finds guiding clients toward success immensely fulfilling, aiming to continue this trajectory in his new role by expanding the firm’s reach and nurturing future talent. 

Outside of work, Keller enjoys IMCA Northern Sportmod racing —a lifelong passion—and spending time outdoors with his family engaging in camping, hunting, and fishing. 

As he steps into his new role, Keller is grateful for the opportunities K+W has provided. "I want to thank our leaders for believing in me and helping me reach this stage," he said. Keller's promotion is a testament to his dedication, expertise, and K+W's commitment to fostering talent and excellence within the firm. 

Dan Mitchell, PE  
Kier + Wright is pleased to share the news of Dan Mitchell, PE, being promoted to Associate, highlighting his career progression since joining the firm in September 2014. Starting as a Senior Engineer and advancing to Senior Engineering Manager in 2019, Mitchell has significantly contributed to K+W's expansion and success. 

Reflecting on his journey, Mitchell noted, "It’s incredible to see our expansion while maintaining a culture where leadership is approachable, and mentoring is prioritized." He credits the firm’s blend of growth and close-knit culture with setting K+W apart in the industry. 

Mitchell’s experience at K+W has been characterized by the firm’s commitment to personal and professional development. "K+W truly advocates for its people to pursue the best version of themselves," he said, emphasizing the importance of balancing professional achievements with family life. 

In addition to his responsibilities at K+W, Mitchell has also taken on a significant leadership role running our project management team within KWRE, K+W’s affiliate in the renewable energy sector. His involvement in KWRE aims to drive innovation and sustainability in energy solutions, further demonstrating his dedication and versatile expertise in the engineering field.

In his new role, Mitchell is eager to lead his team to new heights and expand business development opportunities. He is also committed to mentoring the next generation of engineers, stressing lifelong learning and professional engagement. With 15 PE licenses and more to come, Mitchell’s dedication to his field is clear. 

His advice for aspiring professionals is straightforward: "Never allow yourself to become stagnant. Seek out new challenges and responsibilities." 

Mitchell's promotion reflects K+W’s dedication to nurturing internal talent and promoting from within, underscoring the firm's commitment to leadership development and professional growth.