Celebrating Women’s History Month

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Apr 21, 2023

Closing out Women's History Month, K+W would like to highlight some incredible women at our firm who are making a true impact in both our workplace and their communities.

Camie Vasques, Chief Human Resources Officer
Camie Vasques serves as Chief Human Resources Officer of K+W and is committed to all facets of HR including promoting company culture and enhancing mentorship techniques. Her approachability and communication skills have set the framework for K+W’s culture and vision. She is a member of ACEC HR Forum and is active in her church community. Camie recommends women looking to pursue a career in the AEC industry to find a team where you can build strong relationships and grow in your skills.

Cathy Teves, Project Land Surveyor, EIT
As an experienced Project Surveyor for K+W, Cathy Teves, EIT, is an integral part of the Land Surveying department. She is a key team member on many large Bay Area projects and approaches her work in a collaborative and supportive manner. Outside the office, she donates her time to her daughter’s gymnastics club and participates in PTA functions. Cathy recommends women looking to pursue a career in the AEC Industry to find a trustworthy mentor to help guide their career paths.

Cristina Pedroncelli, Civil Engineering Project Manager, PE
Cristina Pedroncelli, PE, is a Civil Engineering Project Manager at K+W. She specializes in large-scale industrial developments and enjoys touching every piece of her projects from start to finish. She is an active member of ASCE YMF and has held several leadership positions, including President of the Santa Rosa Forum. Cristina advises women looking to pursue a career in the AEC industry to always stay curious and continue to learn and grow by being inquisitive.

Jennifer Bregman, Head of Administration
Jennifer Bregman joined K+W in 2017 as Head of Administration. She is a skilled professional with three decades of experience and has elevated K+W by implementing innovative and impactful processes to help make the firm run smoother and more efficiently. Jennifer sits on the Board of Directors at her temple. As the Fundraising Chair for 12 years, she has raised funds for community programs. She encourages women to pursue a career in the AEC Industry as it provides fulfilling and impactful work.

Marilynn Stratton, Director of Marketing
With over 23 years of experience, Marilynn Stratton brings extensive knowledge to all aspects of marketing and strategic planning at K+W. As Marketing Director, she is pioneering a path to shape K+W’s brand and deepen client relationships. She is an active member and current leader of SMPS SF and is a longstanding Board of Directors member for a nonprofit community gymnastics club. She advises women looking to pursue a career in the AEC Industry to bring diverse and innovative ideas to the table.