Jimmy Vigil, Accomplished Surveyor and Esteemed Mentor, Retires from K+W

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Dec 7, 2022

Kier + Wright is proud and humbled to announce that Jimmy Vigil, PLS, will officially retire at the end of this year. Jimmy has provided K+W with 35 years of devoted service since moving to California in 1987.

“I took a chance and moved my family from Wyoming to California to begin my career at K+W,” says Jimmy. “It means a lot that after all these years, I'm still very happy here.”

As Senior Land Surveyor and Associate, Jimmy is a prominent member of the K+W team with immense experience and comprehensive knowledge of both the industry and our clients, which he has spent the last decade passing on to the younger generation. His land surveying experience includes major multi-faceted commercial, residential, retail, industrial, and public works projects. With his comprehensive understanding of land surveying challenges, Jimmy consistently demonstrated his ability to evaluate the development potential of sites and identify critical project issues during the early stages of design.

“Working at K+W all these years has helped me build a great career,” says Jimmy. “We have a great group of employees and I truly enjoy working alongside my colleagues and our amazing clients."

Over the years, Jimmy has dedicated himself as a mentor for countless K+W employees, providing an immense amount of firsthand knowledge, vast experience, and advice of both the industry and how to market oneself to find optimal success.

"The best advice I like to give, especially to the younger generation, is to keep an open mind and learn everything you can from your peers and colleagues,” says Jimmy. “A lot of people my age are willing to share their knowledge. Don’t be too proud to ask for guidance as surveyors should always be learning and expanding their skills."

Along with his responsiveness and organized approach to each project, Jimmy has avidly focused on preparing K+W’s future leaders to thrive without him. Jimmy’s direct supervisor, Principal, Joe Thompson, PLS, says that Jimmy has been a great role model for the company and that his legacy will forever be a part of K+W’s history and culture.

“In preparation for his retirement, Jimmy has set this company up for success through his guidance and mentorship,” says Joe. “He has ensured that the generations below him are fully prepared to follow in his footsteps.”

Many members of K+W have all benefited from Jimmy’s expertise, mentorship, and steady personality, including Project Surveyor, Kc Keller who says that Jimmy has taught him a lot about client communication and how to keep them coming back to form strong relationships.

“Jimmy makes himself available to answer any and all questions,” says Kc. “His positive energy and calming presence makes him approachable at all staff levels.”

Senior Land Surveyor, Jim Hickenbottom, has worked with Jimmy for many years and can attest to his guidance of K+W’s culture and impact of its future legacy.

“Thanks to Jimmy’s mentorship of the younger K+W team members, the culture of K+W will continue to grow and move forward while still maintaining many of its classic elements of excellence,” says Jim. “He has always been a prime example of what I have known K+W to stand for.”

K+W is fortunate to have had a long-lasting employee that represents our core values and embodies the spirit of the company. Chief Operations Officer and Vice President, Steve Calcagno, PE, believes that Jimmy’s past 35 years at K+W shows a true dedication to his loyalty and legacy of his career.

“Jimmy’s demonstrated leadership qualities has left and will continue to leave a long-lasting impression here at K+W,” says Steve. “No matter the task, Jimmy has always approached, collaborated, and solved the client’s problem with integrity and in a professional manner.”

As K+W’s longest tenured employee, we will miss having Jimmy around daily, but we’re happy for him and his plans for the future. Ryan Amaya, PLS, Vice President and Principal, claims that Jimmy is a bright light to everyone around him with his professionalism, vast expertise, and uplifting stories about his past.

“As one of the most patient mentors this company has ever had, he and his good stories will truly be missed,” says Ryan.

Similarly, Joe says he will miss Jimmy’s positive attitude and consistent recognition when and where it’s due reminiscing, “If you do a good job, he’ll give you ‘Half an attaboy.’ But if you really impress him, you’ll get an enthusiastic ‘Full attaboy!’”

Jimmy’s retirement marks the end of an era for K+W and he will be greatly missed by his colleagues and clients alike as he has built a place of respect in land surveying both front stage and backstage.

“Jimmy’s longevity both as a leader at K+W and his long-term commitment to our clients is truly an example of his legacy,” says Chief Executive Officer, Chuck McCallum, PE. “He has helped build and lay the foundation for Kier + Wright to grow while maintaining our core values.”

Please join us in congratulating Jimmy on a happy retirement as it is with great fondness that we extend our tremendous appreciation and best wishes. Although he will be missed at K+W, his legacy will forever be a part of this company. We are thrilled for Jimmy as he moves on to his next chapter, yet we look forward to strengthening the relationships we have built with our clients and fellow colleagues. K+W is committed to exemplary service and will continue to provide an unmatched level of consistency as we head into the new year.

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