K+W Announces the Official Launch of KW Renewable Engineering (KWRE)

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May 31, 2023

KW Renewable Engineering is a Kier + Wright affiliated company. Our renewable energies team offers full-solution solar and wind power project consulting and engineering services, combining our land development expertise with a strategic approach to project planning, development, and execution. Our comprehensive services include:

Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Structural Engineering
Land Surveying
Hydrological Engineering
Project Management
Construction Staking

We provide these services where you are. Our team members have worked on some of the world’s largest renewable projects in the world. We are licensed in 28 U.S. states and are rapidly expanding into more to further our reach.

KWRE’s design, consulting, and site assessment services help clients efficiently and cost-effectively build alternative energy generation and storage facilities. Our team has delivered developments that produce renewable power for government, private sector, and public utility uses, supporting the construction of projects with generating capacities as high as 800 megawatts.

From Interconnection Support, High-Voltage Engineering Services, Utility-Scale Solar Power, Commercial + Industrial Rooftop Solar and Micro-Grids, to Wind Power, Wind Farms, and Battery Storage, we’re here to help you navigate the total lifecycle of renewable energy projects. We provide key site assessment services, knowing what a priority it is to close land deals efficiently. We coordinate the nuances of interconnection and permitting, deciphering regulatory and tariff information and procuring proper models. In every case we intend to develop a detailed plant design that delivers the client’s desired output.

Additionally, KWRE provides complete Electric Vehicle (EV) parking stall site studies, design and coordination as part of its solar, electrical and civil engineering services for site development. Choosing the right Tier 2 and Tier 3 chargers for your project is part of the feasibility study provided for your project. We also work with your site architect, MEP and landscape architect to design and coordinate your lighting and joint trench design for your project. We incorporate all your design goals and answer questions for you early in the process to help achieve a successful project.

Our team of experts has seen repeatedly that quality engineering services are key to a smooth renewable energy development from early development through final execution. We are excited to bring our collaborative design approach and track record of success to your projects.

Visit KWRE's new website and follow us on social media. We look forward to connecting with you!