K+W Celebrates Golden Anniversary in 2022 

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Nov 30, 2022

Kier + Wright is proud to announce the celebration of our 50th Anniversary. Although much has changed since our inception, K+W has remained at the forefront of this industry and is now stronger than ever. Join us as we honor our past and the foundations that built us, the present and how we’re upholding our traditions and values, and the bright future ahead of us that we’re shaping with innovation, technology, and mentorship of the younger generations.

50 years of Honoring our Roots:
Civil engineering and land surveying firm, Kier + Wright, was founded in 1972 by civil engineers, Dick Kier and Jim Wright. Both Dick and Jim built this company with the firm belief that providing exceptional solutions and cultivating strong relationships are at the heart of a good business. Despite our continued growth, we’re proud to maintain the same core values that guided our founders since our inception.

“50 years is a major milestone and a remarkable achievement in our company’s history,” remarks Chief Executive Officer, Chuck McCallum, PE. “While our services and operations have expanded, our underlying principles and core values have remained constant.” 

50 years of Problem Solving:
Today, K+W is made up of over 230 employees with seven office locations throughout California. K+W continues to do great work by collaboratively working with our design partners and clients to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for even the most complex projects and challenges. 

“Since its origin, K+W has always had a company-wide strong work ethic and desire to solve problems,” says McCallum. “We view problems as an opportunity to express our ability to think outside the box and strengthen our relationship with our clients by showing them that we’re on their team and here to help.”

50 years of Fulfilling and Challenging Projects:
Over the last 50 years, K+W’s project portfolio has grown through regional expansion and market sector diversification, from industrial buildings and data centers to renewable power and healthcare facilities. Building on our expertise in planning and designing industrial complexes, including the largest industrial business park in California, we are now highly sought out experts in large high-rise, urban technology offices, corporate campus urban revitalizations, solar fields, and large land development projects.

“The flexibility to provide services in various geographical areas and market sectors has helped us thrive and endure in today’s construction industry,” claims McCallum. “Throughout the decades, K+W has adapted with technology, environmental and cultural changes, yet has maintained our original branding while being able to support our clients and make them successful.”

50 years of Connection and Collaboration with Clients:
K+W continues to serve and collaborate with clients our founders' developed relationships at our inception. We treat each new contact as a partnership that will last decades, and work hard to show our clients that their goals are important and valued.

"Our solutions-driven team of engineers and surveyors have dedicated themselves to decades of helping our clients successfully navigate complex land development and urban revitalization projects,” says Principal Emad Sarieddine, PE. “We capitalize on our many years of experience; and our lessons learned to help lead our clients to successful outcomes.”

50 years of Innovation, Technology, and Sustainability:
K+W’s business is driven by people, communities and the places that bring us together. Through our work, we strive to keep communities moving forward, growing sustainably, steadily, and purposefully toward a better tomorrow. As a leading expert in this industry, K+W prides itself on integrating sustainable design practices and innovative engineering and surveying techniques and technology throughout our projects.

“From early techniques in the 70’s, to innovative and ever-changing new technology today, K+W is always looking ahead to be on the cutting-edge of this expanding industry,” says McCallum. “We’re constantly on the move; continuing to learn, grow and develop our skills as this industry continues to evolve and change with each passing year.”

50 years of Valuing Employees:
K+W prides itself on its greatest asset: people. Our people have diverse backgrounds and identities, which are celebrated by our firm as a whole. Like our founders before us, K+W continues to create opportunities for the growth and betterment of our team members and colleagues as we’re committed to the mentorship and growth of our younger generations.

“I want our employees to be able to sharpen and strengthen their skills so they can load up their metaphorical toolbelt and be able to pull out the tools they’ve learned throughout different stages of their career,” says Chief Operations Officer, Steve Calcagno, PE. “I firmly believe we have mentored the next generation of young engineers and surveyors to faithfully continue delivering on our brand promise far into the future.” 

50 years of Growth and Planning for the Future:
With each generation of leaders, K+W has grown and evolved into the firm it is today, and we’re grateful to our founders for laying the groundwork for an operation poised to grow for decades to come.

“I see K+W continuing to grow and finding good leaders and people to continue our core values," explains Principal, Ryan Amaya, PLS. “We’re continuing to hire the right people who understand and exemplify our core values and will help us grow and evolve in the right direction.”

Together with our leaders, K+W is proud to celebrate our 50-year milestone with our employees, clients, and partners, and look forward to our continued growth and advancement in this industry.