Delta Americas Headquarters

Delta Products Corporation’s American headquarters is a 170,500-square-foot, LEED Platinum, “net-zero” office and warehouse facility located on the edge of Fremont Baylands. It was the first project in Fremont to achieve LEED Platinum certification. Kier + Wright provided civil engineering and land surveying services for the planning and construction of the development.

The net-zero, energy-efficient campus runs on renewable power. 2,500 rooftop solar panels generate the building’s electricity. Geothermal piping beneath the campus stabilizes the temperature of the building, reducing the need for heating and cooling. The eco-friendly development includes open areas and bioretention planters landscaped with plant species that are native to nearby wetlands.

An estuary that feeds the San Francisco Bay borders the westerly portion of the 15.5-acre site. The adjacent wetlands and the site’s proximity to the San Francisco Bay presented extensive environmental constraints during the project. Kier + Wright worked closely with the owners and the other project consultants to develop site design solutions that carefully mitigated the various constraints affecting the site.

Kier + Wright’s grading, drainage, utility and stormwater treatment plans included various elements designed to support the project’s environmental sustainability goals. Most notably, Kier + Wright prepared an extensively detailed stormwater quality management plan that included bioretention design for 20 contributing drainage areas. Site grading plans included design of berms surrounding on-site landscaped open space.

Kier + Wright prepared off-site street improvement plans for Cushing Parkway and for the widening of Fremont Boulevard. Additional street improvements on Fremont Boulevard included extensive off-site stormwater treatment.

Prior to the Delta Americas project, Kier + Wright had history with the site. In the 1990’s, Kier + Wright provided survey and mapping services for the site, engineering services for development feasibility studies, and designed sitework to prepare the site for its future sale and development.

Project Location

Delta Americas Headquarters
Fremont, CA

Market Sectors
  • Corporate Campus
  • Office
  • Industrial
  • Engineering and surveying for Fremont’s first LEED Platinum-certified project.
  • Coordination with the City of Fremont, FEMA, the Alameda County Water District, Union Sanitary District, Alameda County Flood Control & Water Conservation District, and the State Water Resources Control Board.
  • Extensive on-site and off-site stormwater treatment design.