Fort Hunter Liggett Solar Microgrid

The USACE Sacramento District’s Phase 1 and 2 design-build solar microgrid project added a total of two megawatts of renewable power to Fort Hunter Liggett in southern Monterey County, bringing the base closer to achieving net-zero energy. The project was completed to further a DoD initiative aiming to reduce military base dependence on fossil fuels. At the time of its construction, the microgrid was the largest U.S. military base solar array. Kier + Wright provided civil design and surveying services for both project phases.

The 10.5-acre microgrid site on Route Tampa was previously utilized for army truck parking. In addition to generating power, the canopy-style solar array is designed to provide sheltered parking for military service vehicles. To accommodate the installation, Kier + Wright prepared plans to grade the site and fill it with eight inches of gravel suitable for parking. Kier + Wright also designed a water system used to wash down the photovoltaic panels. Other services provided include topographic survey, construction staking, and as-built drawings.

Project Location

Fort Hunter Liggett Solar Microgrid
Monterey County

Market Sectors
  • Renewable Power
  • Coordination with the USACE Sacramento District and the Fort Hunter Liggett Public Works Directorate.
  • Improvements designed to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers standards.
  • Largest U.S. military base solar array at the time of project buildout.