Fremont Bank

The Fremont Bank project is a 34,000 sq ft, six-story steel frame structure that will serve as the bank’s new headquarters. The new Fremont Bank base will be the City’s tallest building and promises to be a social gathering spot with a great view. This downtown Fremont revitalization project will house three stories of headquarters offices in addition to its ground-floor branch. The building features all-glass frontage doors, a two-story grand hall, linear wood ceilings, and an angular roof trellis.

Kier + Wright’s construction staking team was first hired to map out the site where the Fremont Bank building would be situated. Impressed by K+W’s responsive and efficient construction staking performance, Fremont Bank expanded K+W’s scope to include laying out the entire building, setting building controls on all floors of the metal deck and concrete as it went up, all construction staking site work including dry and wet utilities, for the remainder of construction, QA/QC for the building and verification of bolt placements. K+W’s construction staking team’s efforts ensured that the site's blueprint was accurately projected, shaped, and ready for construction.

As experts in downtown projects, K+W was able to execute the project with minimal site space available in this bustling downtown area.

Project Location

Fremont Bank
Fremont, CA

Market Sectors
  • Office
  • Construction staking for entire site.
  • Highest building in Fremont City.
  • Project awarded 2022 SVBJ Structures honoree for Best Office Project, Small.