Orchard Residential | Bo Town

Located at 409 S 2nd Street in downtown San Jose, the historic Bo Town restaurant is defined by its distinctive mid-century modern roof line. This building will be restored and repurposed as part of the planned Orchard Residential development, comprising a mixed-use 30-story rental residential high-rise with 540 rental homes, designed by James KM Cheng Architects and Steinberg Hart. The parking garage will be equipped with EV charging stations as well as bicycle parking to promote green transportation, and a black water treatment system will support the entire building. This treatment system will help reduce water usage for both the Bo Town development and the Valley Title development. Valley Title is an adjacent property where K+W is also implementing sustainable design solutions.

This high-density housing development is targeting LEED Platinum by maximizing the LID stormwater treatment systems. LID treatment systems will include bioretention ponds and Silva Cell tree treatment systems. Although the project qualifies for LID reduction credits due to its proximity to downtown, over 85% of the site will be treated with LID stormwater treatment measures. Green construction is a high priority with the design incorporating planters, open-air balconies, and trees on building terraces and building faces.

K+W is working closely with the city and design team to integrate the fully planned future street designs into the overall project site improvements. The goal is to provide a cohesive grading design so that the Orchard Residential development is effortlessly incorporated into the downtown setting. Reconstruction of the intersection of San Salvador and S 2nd street will align with the city’s plans to promote more ecofriendly transportation systems.

Project Location

Orchard Residential | Bo Town
San Jose, CA

Market Sectors
  • Mixed-Use
  • High-Rise
  • Retail
  • Office
  • Changing the Skyline of DTSJ
Image Credits

Steinberg Hart

  • Restoring the historic Bo Town restaurant as part of this development
  • Shared black water treatment system with Orchard Workspace
  • Cohesive grading design so that the Orchard Residential development is effortlessly incorporated into the downtown setting
  • LEED Platinum Targeted