Workday Headquarters

The Workday Headquarters project in Pleasanton is the product of a unique public-private partnership that benefited Workday, Inc., local public transit systems, and the surrounding community. The LEED Platinum-certified development consists of new private office and parking facilities, improvements supporting a pre-existing public BART parking garage, and new, publicly accessible pedestrian and transit facilities. Kier + Wright provided civil design, land surveying and staking services that facilitated the planning and construction of the project. The new Workday facilities include a 410,000-square-foot, 6-story podium structure with underground parking, a 6-level parking structure, and an underground vehicular tunnel leading to Workday’s new underground parking. The campus is situated within an 8.5-acre, BART-owned property located just south of the West Dublin/Pleasanton BART station and I-580. Kier + Wright provided critical survey, mapping and easement work that was used to secure the ground lease for the Workday campus. The development’s location on BART land, proximity to the BART station, and proximity to I-580 presented challenging site constraints. Kier + Wright carefully designed and coordinated vehicle access, pedestrian access, and utility systems that worked within these constraints and were compatible with the property’s uniquely varied public and private uses. Extensive coordination with the City of Pleasanton, LAVTA, Caltrans, BART, PG&E and Simon Property Group was required to achieve project permitting. Workday’s office building and parking structure surround a pre-existing BART power substation located on the property. The Workday garage is built above the primary power supply lines for the station and the tracks. Extensive coordination with BART and utility providers was required in order to ensure that the substation and power supply lines were protected and accessible. A new public plaza and transit hub were constructed within the development, improving the public’s access to the BART station, new on-site public services, and the nearby Stoneridge Mall. Kier + Wright’s scope included design of various improvements to support the new Pleasanton Police Department and BART Police Department Joint Police Services Center built on the ground floor of the pre-existing BART parking garage on the westerly portion of the property. Coordination with the City of Pleasanton and BART was required to ensure that factors such as emergency ingress/egress, signal override ability and secure utilities were designed to meet the needs of both police forces occupying the new joint services center. Off-site improvements and sitework were carefully designed and staged to ensure that access to the BART parking structure was maintained during the project’s construction.


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Project Location

Workday Headquarters

Pleasanton, CA

Market Sectors
  • Corporate Campus
  • Mixed-Use
  • Office
  • Project is built on land owned by BART.
  • Development includes new police joint services station, public transit hub and public plaza.
  • Coordination with City of Pleasanton, LAVTA, Caltrans, BART, PG&E and Simon Property Group.