As a civil design firm, we know that an accurate topographic survey showing the appropriate details for the intended improvements is an integral component of any constructible plan.  Our land surveyors produce topographic surveys used in our own civil engineering plans, requiring regular collaboration with our in-house civil design professionals. By working closely with our design staff, our surveyors gain an in-depth understanding of how the survey will be used and know how to produce the optimal product showing the desired level of detail for use in site design.

Our client base includes architects and engineers of varying specialties who rely on Kier + Wright to provide base mapping and design-level topographic survey for their design projects.

Kier + Wright maintains a large-scale field survey, survey scheduling, and survey drafting operation and is resourced to efficiently produce a high volume of topographic surveys concurrently. We provide a variety of California public agencies with topographic surveying services on an on-call basis.

Related services include:

  • Topographic and Utility Surveys
  • Right of Way Surveying
  • Field Cross-Section Surveys
  • Horizontal and Vertical Control Surveys
  • ADA Surveys
  • Topographic Boundary Surveys
  • GPS Surveys
  • As-Built Surveys
  • Surveying for Due Diligence
  • Aerial Drone Surveys
  • 3D Laser Scanning