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Apr 4, 2024

In Pleasanton, California, stands a landmark of sustainability and innovation - the Workday Headquarters. This transformative development, spanning 8.5 acres, serves as a testament to the power of transit-oriented design and community collaboration. Situated at the heart of the city, this LEED Platinum-certified corporate campus represents a significant milestone in the evolution of Pleasanton as a hub for sustainable development and technological advancement.

The project features a 410,000 square foot, 6-story podium structure accommodating offices, a parking garage, accessible transit facilities, and an underground tunnel. Kier + Wright (K+W) played a pivotal role in orchestrating this multi-phase complex, ensuring seamless coordination among diverse public and private stakeholders.

K+W’s critical survey, mapping, and easement work were instrumental in securing the ground lease for the Workday campus. Overcoming challenging site constraints posed by its location on BART land and proximity to major transportation arteries, K+W meticulously devised vehicle access, pedestrian pathways, and utility systems compatible with the property's varied uses. Extensive collaboration with city authorities, transit agencies, and utility providers was essential for project permitting.

A highlight of the endeavor is the incorporation of accessible transit facilities, such as a new public plaza and transit hub, promoting sustainable commuting options and facilitating BART access. Notably, construction occurred without disrupting BART services.

The project also entailed designing and implementing off-site and Stoneridge Mall traffic access enhancements, carefully phased to minimize disruptions to BART service and the existing campus. Despite challenges, the Workday campus remained fully operational throughout construction phases underscoring K+W's dedication to mitigating disruptions.

Steve Calcagno, PE, Vice President of K+W, emphasized, 'Working on the Workday Headquarters development has been a gratifying experience for our entire project team. This LEED Platinum Corporate Campus embodies visionary design and purpose-driven innovation, enriching the community and redefining the future of work."

The Workday Headquarters project stands as a monument of innovation and sustainability, embodying Workday's commitment to fostering an exceptional workplace for its employees while enriching the surrounding community.