Employee Spotlight – Jim Miller Joins Kier + Wright as Land Development Services Manager

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Apr 8, 2022

Kier + Wright Hires Jim Miller as Land Development Services Manager

Kier + Wright is excited to announce Jim Miller, PE, has joined the firm as our new Land Development Services Manager based in Sacramento, California. Jim will provide expertise related to water supplies, wastewater services, recycled water systems and land development planning and entitlement processes.

“Jim brings an entire career of utility infrastructure experience to K+W,” says K+W’s Chief Executive Officer, Chuck McCallum, PE. “He is well-instructed and knowledgeable and is able to talk about strategic issues that are important to our clients and their projects.”

Jim brings three decades of experience in all areas of infrastructure management process and upfront planning work. His well-rounded experience comes from working for various agencies, developers, and consulting firms throughout his career.

“Not many people have my background as I’ve worked for all sides of this industry,” says Jim. “I’m a problem solver who likes to get into the details of projects and I like seeing how they come to fruition.”

It was an easy decision for Jim to join K+W as he’s worked alongside the firm and Chuck for many years on several different projects. Jim has played a key role in working with K+W to structure the utility fee assessment for the entire Prologis International Park of Commerce (IPC) project. His role included reading through the details of the master plans/supporting studies and analyzing every number that was used for the IPC project, creating a fair and feasible plan to fund the extensive water, wastewater and recycled water infrastructure the project needed.

“With Jim’s expertise, we were able to figure out how to execute a successful project and find solutions for building infrastructure in a cost-effective way for Prologis,” says Chuck. “Jim helped us provide our client with an upfront budget structure while also meeting the requirements the City of Tracy desperately needed.”

Along with Chuck and the K+W team, Jim estimated city fees using the city master plans before the City of Tracy came up with their actual fee calculations. They advised Prologis on when it was advantageous to either build a piece of infrastructure or to pay the fee by understanding the infrastructure and associated fees before the development occurred.

“The devil is in the details, and we really got into the details,” says Jim. “I personally believe that this understanding of the details has turned IPC into a very successful development for Prologis.”

Jim prides himself on the relationships he builds with his clients and looks forward to carrying those through at K+W. He dedicates his time and efforts to solving problems for his clients and is excited to provide his services at K+W which aren’t typically provided in-house.

“I want to execute each project to the best of my ability,” says Jim. “K+W is where I plan to finish my career. I’m eager to develop and grow this department to best serve our clients and their projects.”

K+W looks forward to tapping into Jim’s experience and utilizing his expertise as we expand our services to include upfront planning and entitlement processes. Please join us in congratulating Jim on this stimulating new path at K+W.