Kier + Wright Hires Casey Lynch, PLS

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Mar 1, 2023

Kier + Wright is excited to announce Casey Lynch, PLS has joined the firm as Lead Land Surveyor and Associate in our new office in Escondido, California. This strategic partnership helps fill K+W’s need for a high-level surveyor in Southern California and solidifies the firm’s surveying presence in the region.

“The opening of K+W’s new Escondido office wouldn’t be possible without Casey and his vast experience in the surveying world,” announces Chief Executive Officer, Chuck McCallum, PE.  “The Escondido office and its remarkable team will open a lot of doors in Southern California and is a shining example of K+W’s continuous growth.”

K+W’s new Escondido office is strategically placed to better serve our clients as it will offer civil engineering, land surveying, and construction staking for the region. With the rapid growth of the San Diego market, Casey and his team allows the firm the opportunity to meet our client's growing real estate investment needs in the area.

“Casey’s strong San Diego agency relationships and knowledge of the local region will benefit K+W’s clients and open many new doors for the firm as a whole,” says Chuck.

As a prominent leader in the surveying industry, Casey is extremely familiar with K+W and its culture having previously worked for the firm in 2004 at its original Pleasanton office. He stayed in touch with several leaders and has been partnering as a subconsultant with the firm ever since.

“Hiring Casey is a huge win because we’re bringing on an innovative leader who can help manage and expand our land surveying services to our clients in Southern California,” states Ryan Amaya, PLS, Vice President and Principal. “Casey has the K+W culture, work ethic, and vision and we’re proud to add him and his staff to the team.”

It was an easy decision for Casey to return to K+W to help expand the opportunities for his staff and better support through a wider base of technical staff to his current clients.

“K+W has an environment geared towards employee growth and mentorship and I want to expand the opportunities for my staff and watch them pursue their career goals,” states Casey. “Equally important is the opportunity to bring the K+W model of quality engineering and surveying services to the greater San Diego area.”

Along with the addition of Casey comes a few new members of his previous team who will be working alongside him in K+W’s new Escondido office.

“Casey’s staff are young and passionate surveying professionals who’re interested in growing in their careers with K+W,” says Principal, Joe Thompson, PLS. “There’s also a new mix of seasoned field crew members who will help us grow our construction staking services in that region.”

Since working alongside K+W for many years, Casey has been able to see the growth and evolution of culture through the years.

“It’s been a pleasure seeing K+W grow into the firm it is today as current leadership has taken the company to the next level by diversifying its projects, staff and the way they approach work,” states Casey. “While the culture has evolved, the mindset of hard-working individuals achieving their client’s goals continues to thrive.”

Along with the mentorship of staff and colleagues, Casey’s experience and thirst for implementing new technology is a strength that many team members appreciate and respect. His history operating in the 3D world of scanning is beneficial to both K+W’s surveying and engineering teams.

“Bringing Casey on board as an additional local leader in the Southern California region is beneficial for both our clients and our staff,” states Garrett Readler, PE, Vice President and Managing Principal of Southern California Operations. “His experience as an established mentor and industry innovator will help expand our footprint in this region and increase the efficiency and overall success of our firm with the use of new and innovative technology.”

Casey prides himself on the relationships he builds with his clients and looks forward to carrying those through at K+W. He dedicates his time and efforts to solving problems for his clients and is jumping right in on this exciting opportunity.

“I’m looking forward to growing our services in Southern California by offering the K+W model of surveying and engineering services,” says Casey. “This model represents an informative, collaborative, and responsive effort to ensure our clients maximize their return on investment while constructing designs in an efficient and cost-effective manner.”

K+W looks forward to tapping into Casey’s experience and utilizing his expertise as we expand our land surveying and construction staking services in Southern California. Please join us in congratulating Casey and his team on this exciting new adventure at K+W.