Kier + Wright's Water Resources group is a cohesive and collaborative team whose goal is to bring value and expertise to our clients throughout all stages of the water cycle. We have experience in providing a full range of professional water experience from upfront planning and water analysis to wastewater services and design. Every effort is made to ensure a more resilient future by building stronger communities through the use of water development.

Water Resources services include:

  • Water Supply + Wastewater Planning
  • Masterplanning + Water Supply Studies
  • Hydraulic Modeling
  • Design
  • Private Water District
  • Water Utility Public-Private Partnerships (P3)


Water Supply + Wastewater Planning

Our team has the expertise and resources needed to help establish what your water supply will be and will figure out solutions to incorporate state and district permits. Through studies and upfront effort, due diligence reports and planning impact fees, our firm will solve all your water supply and wastewater planning questions.

Master Planning + Water Studies

Worried about your new water facility or pipelines breaking? Our team can help diagnose how your system is performing and what you need to do to extend your services to a new development through master planning and water studies.

Hydraulic Modeling

Our team specializes in hydraulic modeling of distribution and collection systems. We put together models that help analyze and evaluate your systems to show deficiencies or excess capabilities using water CAD or GIS systems.


On completing the master planning process and identifying facilities that need to be upgraded or support new growth of your water systems, K+W begins design. Our team can design the following water facilities/systems for optimal support: pump stations, lift stations, pipelines, booster pump stations, storage tanks, new wells, sewer lift stations, force mains, sewer collection systems, package wastewater plants or septic systems, recycled water facilities, storm drain pump stations, storm collection systems, and storm basins.

Private Water Districts

Are you planning a new project in an area where public water and wastewater utilities cannot (feasibly) reach the site? Don’t allow water and wastewater challenges to impede your project from advancing. Our team can help you move forward with projects that are considered too remote to receive water and wastewater services from a local municipality or water district. Our team has extensive experience designing and constructing new public water districts, which can be privately owned and operated water and wastewater utility systems for developments that fall outside of a city’s sphere of influence.

Water Utility Public-Private Partnerships (P3)

P3 delivery offers increased flexibility in funding and can operationalize key public infrastructure more quickly and cost effectively than traditional contract delivery options. P3 projects can improve efficiency, optimize O&M, and reduce water losses in your system. From planning and permitting through construction and commissioning, as well as critical long-term operations and maintenance, our team has the expertise and resources needed to help navigate Water Utility P3 projects and guide you in the right direction.