The Tillery Apartments

The Tillery Apartments are a collection of multi-family luxury apartment homes with a design focused on sustainability, amenities crafted for wellness and experiences inspired by nature. The Tillery Apartments are conveniently located in the heart of Mountain View and are a 10-minute walk from downtown. Kier + Wright provided engineering and surveying work to support the planning and ongoing construction of the multi-family development.

This new residential complex consists of 226 units and a subterranean parking garage. The full project includes a pool and spa, common areas, and a bike path.

Originally, the apartment complex was much closer to its property line. The City of Mountain View then requested the client add a pedestrian/bike path outlining the complex. This path was designed to go under the nearby railroad tracks with the implementation of an underground tunnel for pedestrian safety and strategic planning. K+W worked with the developer, the client and the city to meet these new requirements. To avoid losing apartment units originally planned for the path area, the team added additional floors below ground level.

K+W also created a solution to solve groundwater flooding for the units below ground level. The ingenious solution involved the addition of a detention system to mitigate flooding, and 30 feet of 48" detention pipe for overland release since the street is higher than the site.

K+W’s unique approach to stormwater treatment for this site includes two types of systems. The first is an untreated system that’s piped through the building from the roof and goes to treatment pods. The second is a system in which the stormwater is treated directly in the garage, an area which demanded a complex piping design.

The specific services that K+W provided to support the planning and construction of the Tillery Apartments included utility design and analysis, topographic survey, mapping, engineered site plan design, design of grading and drainage plans, off-site improvement design and construction staking.

Project Location

The Tillery Apartments
Mountain View, CA

Market Sectors
  • Retail
  • Project won a Gold Nugget Award from the Pacific Coast Builders Conference.
  • Unique stormwater treatment approach.
  • Engineering and surveying services for planning and construction of multi-family luxury apartments.
  • 10-minute walk from downtown Mountain View, CA.