World Logistics Center

The Moreno Valley World Logistics Center project is a transformative venture aimed at establishing a cutting-edge logistics and industrial complex spanning 2,700 acres. Within this expansive space, the project envisions the creation of 30 buildings with full entitlements, designed to cater to the diverse logistical needs of modern industries.

This Logistics Center is poised to make a groundbreaking impact as the largest net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) project in the United States. With an ambitious commitment to sustainability, this initiative aims to achieve a carbon-neutral footprint, setting a precedent for environmentally conscious development on a grand scale. The project's innovative approach not only positions it as a leader in the logistics sector but also demonstrates a commitment to addressing climate change through cutting-edge and sustainable practices.

The construction of the World Logistics Center will also strictly adhere to California’s rigorous “Cal-Green” building regulations. Furthermore, every structure within the World Logistics Center, boasting a minimum of 500,000 square feet, will be meticulously designed to meet or surpass the esteemed LEED Certified Building Standards.

The current focus of the project involves the meticulous crafting of the final map for Phase 1, a critical step towards bringing the project's vision to life. However, while the ambitions are high, essential infrastructure and street improvement plans are awaiting the green light for implementation.

Central to the project's success is the comprehensive master planning process. This includes formulating plot plans and entitlements for all 17 buildings, with the K+W project team actively engaged in the development and refinement of the Master Plan.

The team's influence extends beyond building layouts and includes the precise planning of parking lots and other essential components. K+W’s involvement also reaches to conducting studies aimed at optimizing building configurations, parking layouts, and the overall Master Plan. A notable achievement is the firm’s role in identifying an appropriate location for an electrical substation, a testament to its commitment to comprehensive planning.

One of the standout features of this project is the high degree of customization it offers. The team's ability to adapt and iterate the Master Plan has led to enhancements such as reconfigured building designs, increased building sizes, and strategic building relocations. This adaptability ensures the project remains aligned with industry trends and operational efficiency.

Another significant responsibility of the project team is the undertaking of mass grading for a staggering 160-acre area, with a focus on the pivotal Building 6—the initial phase where groundbreaking is set to commence. Concurrently, the K+W team is entrusted with the crucial task of preparing construction staking for the entirety of Phase 1, ensuring that the physical execution aligns with the exact planning.

K+W’s partnership with Highland Fairview, the project client, is instrumental in executing the complex mass grading and street improvement initiatives. Furthermore, the team undertakes mapping responsibilities for Phase 1, assuming control of the parcel map and ensuring a seamless continuation of the project's progress.

The Moreno Valley World Logistics Center project stands as a testament to collaborative and innovative planning, adaptable design, and commitment to excellence. K+W’s continuous involvement in master planning and entitlements, coupled with its expertise in mass grading, infrastructure, and construction staking, positions it at the forefront of delivering a world-class logistics and industrial complex.

Project Location

World Logistics Center
Moreno Valley, CA

Market Sectors
  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure
  • Cutting-edge logistics and industrial complex spanning 2,700 acres.
  • This Logistics Center is poised to make a groundbreaking impact as the largest net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) project in the United States.
  • Mass grading for a staggering 160-acre area.